Sustainability Policy

Scope of this policy

This policy describes the carbon emissions of business activities.

Scope of business

I am a freelance web designer who occasionally works with subcontractors. All provided services are virtual, not physical.

Carbon footprint

The CO2 emissions of business activities occur as a result of electricity consumption, the purchase of IT equipment, by using public transport, and service providers such as mobile phone operators, internet service providers, web services, banking plus personal requirements like food, toiletry and cleaning products.

Providers used for business

These are the main providers used for business, their #ClickClean score, website hosting status and carbon pledges.

ITLaptop & PeripheralsAppleA 87%thegreenwebfoundation.org2018
MonitorLGF 2%thegreenwebfoundation.org2030
PrinterHPC 50%thegreenwebfoundation.org25% by 2025
OfficeMobile ProviderO2thegreenwebfoundation.org2025
ISPVirgin Mediathegreenwebfoundation.org2020
Email ProviderGoogleA 56%thegreenwebfoundation.org2007, 2017, 2030
Web ServicesHostingKrystalthegreenwebfoundation.org2017
CMSWordPressD 13% thegreenwebfoundation.orgRecycling
Plugins &
BankingNatWestthegreenwebfoundation.org2020, 2025

Areas to be reviewed

The main areas to be reviewed.

ITLGReplace LG monitor with refurbished Apple display at end of lifecycle.
HPTry not to replace printer at all at end of life cycle. Use local print shops instead.
AppleReview buying refurbished MacBooks instead of new ones.
OfficeO2, VirginReview alternatives

Supported initiatives

Supported initiatives that aim to increase carbon transparency on the web.

thegreenwebfoundation.organ online directory and online tool that provides information on “green hosted” websites and green providers
clickclean.orgGreenpeace’s renewable energy report of web companies
websitecarbon.coma tool that calculates website CO2 emissions
ecograder.coma tool that provides information on how to reduce a website's carbon footprint
ecosia.organ alternative to Google search that plants trees
climate-emergency.coma branding initiative that promotes the declaration of a climate emergency
carbon.txta proposed convention for energy supply verification (view this site's carbon.txt)

Changes to this policy

This sustainability policy is subject to change. The last update was on the 24th of May 2020. A proactive review will occur continuously and in a focussed way at least twice a year on or around the 20th of June and December.