Services & Process


  • design

    Site design can range from basic page layouts that primarily use premium theme styles with some customisations to completely bespoke designs based on brand requirements. All of my designs are guided by minimal and functional design.

  • hosting

    Although hosting is usually provided by in-house IT departments or purchased directly, I am happy to take care of all the technical bits and host your site depending on site usage at a dedicated WordPress data centre that is entirely powered with wind-power.

  • development

    Depending on your needs, I build your site with premium WordPress themes and plugins in combination with a child theme or with my starter theme and code library to develop a custom solution.

    • Own Starter Theme
    • Extensive Code Library
    • Premium Theme Modification
    • Plugin Development
  • support

    Technology constantly evolves and needs to be kept updated for security and compatibility reasons. This is how I look after your site. Please get in touch for personalised support arrangements.

    • Website Hosting
    • Plugin Updates
    • Staging Sites
    • Site Restoration
    • Security Scanning
    • Speed Optimisation
    • Offsite Backups
    • Broken Link Fixing
    • Uptime Monitoring
    • Content Updates
  • security

    Websites are constantly under attack. This is why every site I develop comes with extra security enabled. These are a few methods.

    • Website Hardening
    • Brute Force Protection
    • Web Application Firewall
    • Email Obfuscation
  • speed

    Apart from using only minimal markup where possible, these are a few things I do to speed up your site.

    • Selective Plugin Loading
    • Content Delivery Network
    • Script & Style Minification
    • Page Caching
  • seo

    Keyword research, copywriting and marketing strategies is currently beyond what I offer, but this is what I cover:

    • SEO Compliant Code
    • SEO by Yoast
    • Custom Header Code
    • Google Search Console
  • gdpr

    Since 2018, websites need to abide by GDPR regulations and provide data transparency. This is how I ensure GDPR compliance.

    • Cookie Banner with Preferences
    • Forms with User Consent
    • Privacy Policy with Cookie Table
    • Anonymised Google Analytics


1 research & wireframing

The beginning of every new project is research. How do websites that offer comparable services or products look like? What functionality do they have? How are services being communicated – visually and verbally?

Research should be done by myself and by you - since you know your industry or area of interest best. And by reviewing related websites the scope of the project will become clearer. Once the direction is set, a sitemap, containing a list of all web pages and a wireframe, visualising the basic layout and content of each page will determine which pages need to be designed and which pages can be created based on a design template.

2 design

Once a wireframe has been agreed upon and all functionality and content types are clear, the site can be designed. The design stage can go through several iterations depending on preferences. Wireframe updates can occur due to the natural evolution of the process. Actual site development should only commence once the design has been approved.

3 development

This is the stage where WordPress is being set up, plugins installed, the design is recreated in HTML, CSS and functionality is being developed with PHP and JavaScript. Depending on used plugins and themes, some design adjustments can occur. Development can begin without all the content being delivered or created. Once the basic site structure is done, the site can be uploaded to a development server so content could be added by you or by staff.

4 testing & going live

Once all content has been added and development is complete, one to several days need to be allocated to test the website in as many browsers and on as many devices as possible before going live. At this stage, some additional time will be spent to optimise the website for mobile devices.

When all testing is done the actual going live process begins. This involves going through a 50+ point checklist to make sure all settings are applied correctly and the site is connected to external services like Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

5 after going live & support

Ideally, all quirks should have been fixed before the site goes live, but usually, some issues are only being detected in real-life situations. Some fixes will take place in the days or weeks after the site goes live. This is also a good time to think about how you are planning to take care of site maintenance, updates, security etc. Get in touch if you are interested in a bespoke service agreement.


If you are ready to take the next step and get in touch, the first question is what I can do for the budget you envision. If you can be upfront about your budget, I can quickly tell you what I can do, or if you send me an outline of your project I am happy to respond with a ball-park estimate.


Are you planning to build a new website or redesign your existing one? Do you just need some quick advice? Or are you working at a recruitment agency and looking for freelancers? Get in touch and I am looking forward to seeing how we can work together.

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